Thursday, January 20, 2011

Short Story - The Roof (written July 2008)

 For my Creative Writing Class at uni, we had to hand in a portfolio of four 300 worded writing pieces that were based on exercises that we learned in the past weeks. This was one of the exercises I'd handed in that I enjoyed writing about.

The hinges creaked as I opened the little door in my bathroom which leads to the inside of the roof. It’s like an attic without windows, small and a bit cramped. All these thoughts of what creatures were going to pop out made the hair on my arms stand up. For all I knew someone or something could be living inside the roof, over our heads. I could have a third sibling that I never knew I had? If so what does it feed on? Spiders? I wasn’t going in if there were spiders lurking around. Pushing the exaggeration aside I stepped into the roof and walked on the thin, wooden platforms that were placed down as pathways. They squeaked as I tried taking quiet steps in the blinding darkness hoping that they wouldn’t break in two and send me crashing through the ceiling into the kitchen. My hands didn’t lose touch with the walls as I made my way forward. Finally I came across the light switch.

Sensing a mixture of relief and fear in my stomach, I flicked on the switch and prepared myself for the unexpected. Luckily nothing popped out but then in my peripheral vision I caught sight of a piece of clothing, made out of lycra and in bright, neon colours. It was hanging on a silver coat hanger, casting itself out from the other dark objects like a beacon. I was in awe. It couldn’t be possible. Someone in my ordinary family in this ordinary neighbourhood has been hiding an incredible secret that could possibly boost the level of excitement and fun in this family’s history and now I’m the only one who has uncovered this amazing discovery. One member of my family... is a superhero!!!

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