Monday, January 17, 2011

Olive Oyl (written March 2008)

Tall and skinny like a runway model
Although her clothes are out of taste.
With black raven hair it’s a wonder
Why her time is set to waste.
On two men fighting over her
Big with small brain versus short and strong.
Both putting on a show for her heart
I suppose her luck lives on.
With a ruby-red smile
And a helium-sounding voice.
That gives my ears irritation
She makes her obvious choice.
And takes the short and strong
A sailor I must say.
With a tattoo on his arm
She’ll love him every day.
But as feminist act draws near
She’ll quit being damsel in distress.
Walk out to her new career path
And leave him to deal with the baby mess.
When its time for bed
What’s he like in the sack?
Is his yearn for spinach
Just an aphrodisiac?
Or does it make him aggressive
Like a powerful steroid.
Feeling like you’ve married
A wife-bashing android.
But that is just rubbish
There’s no need for violence.
Coz their love for each other
Is as golden as silence.
Although she may have trouble
Ignoring the other guy.
Who sweeps her off her feet
With lust on his mind.

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  1. wow liv, you have such a talent for writing and rhyming and thinking it all through - that is amazing!