Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'd Rather See Serena.

On Friday night I was really looking forward to seeing Venus Williams in action at the Australian Open against Andrea Petkovic from Germany. After enduring through the men's singles match between Gael Monfils and Stanislas Wawrinka for two and a half hours, I got all excited when Venus came out of her sister's shadow and into the arena. However my excitement was cut short when she got a pelvic muscle injury after only one game which led her to withdrawing the match altogether. I was so disappointed since I had never been to the tennis and Venus was the only player that I knew. I do feel sorry for Venus for having to pull out and I do hope she gets better but then again she did get injured in a previous match and should have focussed on getting some R&R instead of agreeing to play that night. Otherwise the injury would have gotten much worse. 
Overall I did have a good time at the tennis that night and I hope to go again someday. But to me, this will probably go down as the shortest tennis match I've ever seen.

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