Monday, March 28, 2011

Chill-on Ice Lounge

Sorry for the lack of updates again. Been so busy with uni that I don't have a lot of time.

A few weeks ago, my friend Matt and I checked out the Chill-on Ice Lounge in the city (Russell St). Been wanting to go for a while. It was amazing. The whole room was covered in more than 30 tonnes of ice at -10 degrees. I felt like I was back in New York in the cold, snowy winter. There were these beautiful ice sculptures of different creatures. Even the glasses were made of ice, making my lips numb every time. It was such a great and wonderful experience. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take any photos of the place but before we went in they gave us a buzzer that goes off after 30 minutes. Once it does, you have to leave the ice lounge and if you manage to stay in the ice-covered bar for the whole 30 minutes, you go into the chill on Hall of Fame on their Facebook. And yes it happened to us.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Video of the week: How to Trick People Into Thinking You're Good-Looking.

Found this upload on a Twitter account. It's by 24 year old Jenna Mourey from Massachusetts who makes these videos on Youtube. She also has a pretty awesome blog with alll these cool videos and pictures. Definitely one you should check out. 

Anyway here's the video. This is directed to women only so sorry to the guys about to watch this. Enjoy!!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Quote of The Day

(I was watching Californication the other day and this grabbed my attention)

"Its like getting homework everyday for the rest of your life" - Hank Moody on being a writer

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Take a Break, Tara (May 2010)

Hi there. So sorry for the lack of updates lately. I'm back at uni now so I'll be concentrating more on assignments, however I'm gonna try and add more to LiviAvenue once a week if I can. In the meantime, here is a script that I wrote for a performance subject last year. Enjoy!!

By the way, saw No Strings Attached on Tuesday. Hilarious!!! Definitely worth watching.

By Olivia Vocale

Tara – 20 year old female
Robert – 20 year old male
Daisy – 16 year old female
Guy 1 – Guy with Daisy in the library
Guy 2 – Guy with Daisy at the party

Set in a library. There is a desk front centre stage with a chair in front and a chair on the side. There are many text books on the desk. A shelf of books is behind the desk upstage. Main character Tara is behind the front desk, her face in the books, concentrating on her work. Her friend Robert enters from the right of the stage and stands behind her.

Robert: Hey is this seat taken? 
Tara: (without looking up) Yeah take it.

Robert goes to take the chair she’s sitting on. She jumps in surprise

Tara: What the hell are you doing?

Robert: You told me to take it (smiles)

Tara hits Robert playfully whilst giggling. She goes back to work as Robert sits on the other chair on the right

Robert: Thought I’d find you here

Tara: Yeah when I’m not at home or at work I’m pretty much here. Welcome to my life.

Robert: So when are you gonna take a break? I thought we could check out that new sushi place across the road.

Tara: Soon, I just need to finish off this assignment. It’s like a monkey on my back. I’m stressing about it.

Robert: No surprises there (raises his eyebrows)

Tara: Hey, Marketing isn’t an easy course you know! You don’t understand the pressure I’m under

Robert: Of course I understand. I have a lot of work to do for my course and I’m managing alright. It’s called time management.

Tara: Easy for you to say, you’re smart. You don’t even have to try. You don’t know what it is like to get a bad mark when you think you have done you’re best.

Robert: Tara, get a grip, you are not failing and hibernating and paranoia does not help the situation. You have to have balance and I feel like we could get some balance happening at the sushi shop eh?

Tara: Shut up I’m losing concentration. What kind of sushi do they have?

Moaning sounds are heard. Both Tara and Robert look over to where the noise is coming from.

Tara: Great, just what I need right now.

Robert: It’s coming from behind that shelf. Let’s check it out.

Robert gets up from his chair and tip toes over to the shelf

Tara: Don’t make a scene.

Robert: I’m just gonna tell them to be quiet

Goes to the shelf, looks behind it and is shocked at by what he sees. A woman’s squeal is heard from behind the shelf

Robert: Oh my God I’m so sorry

Looks away from what he’s seeing

Daisy: Robert you perv, get out of here

Tara’s lifts her head up her eyes widened. She recognizes that voice.

Robert: Hey it’s a library. Its public domain.

Tara: Daisy, is that you?


Daisy pops her head around the shelf. She straightens her top. Her eyes widened as she sees Tara looking back at her

Daisy: Oh shit sis. I forgot you live here (she says sarcastically)

Mouths ‘I’ll be right back’ to the person behind the shelf flirtatiously. Walks over to the desk like she’s on the catwalk. Robert follows her and then goes and sits back down in his chair.

Tara: (disgusted) Really, out of all the places to hook up you decide to do it here. At a library. I mean for God’s sake there are children around.

Daisy: Well, I was looking for you but then I got distracted…Got enough books there Belle?

Tara: Belle? Who’s Belle?

Robert: (suddenly gets it) Oh, as in Belle from Beauty and the Beast. In that movie she always has her nose stuck in a book just like you. Hey wait a minute, does that mean I’m the beast!

Tara: Belle was busy reading romance novels and daydreaming and she didn’t even go to uni. She didn’t have to worry about three exams and a major assignment due at the end of the semester.

Daisy: Blah blah blah . Oh but you’re still going to our cousin Marks 18th? Which is tonight?


Tara comes to the realization

Tara: Oh fuck. I completely forgot.

Daisy: Not so loud you’re in a library, there’s children (teasing)

Robert: Hey I can come to that with you; we can do sushi some other time

Robert looks to Tara hopefully

Robert: Man, you need help, how can you forget a person’s 18th ? Your own cousin

Tara: Well, I am snowed under, that’s what I have been trying to tell you. Uni work is running my life. It’s all I’ve been thinking about. There isn’t any room in my head to be thinking about anyone’s birthday, let alone a family member. Shit I feel bad now.

Robert: True but its an 18th. That’s a big deal. A milestone

Tara: I get it Rob. 
Daisy: So I’ll just tell mum and dad that you not coming then.

Tara: (wringing her hands) No, no I’m definitely coming. I think its time I paid my social life a little visit. I won’t have a drink and then I’ll get up real early and get back here and finish and it will be ok.

Daisy: Oh for fuck’s sake. You might as well stay here. If you are going to come, let your hair down. You need a break sis. You’ll feel better about studying if you’ve had some fun.
Daisy struts to the left of the stage.

Robert: See, listen to your sister. Listen to me, listen to somebody!

Tara: I can’t study now. I have my sister’s making out noises in my head not to mention the visuals and now I am thinking about what I am going to wear tonight.

Robert: (mockingly) Ok that’s a start; transferring your stress to your wardrobe, good one Tara. Just relax, I will personally bring you back here tomorrow, promise. (a puppy dog look on his face)

Tara relents and starts to soften her expression

Tara: Alright, I could use a break from this now.

They both get out of their chairs.

Black out for 5 mins

Lights come back on. Setting is at a party. Tara and Robert are leaning against the bar both have drinks in their hand. The bar is upstage left and they are watching people dancing. Robert is cool and relaxed and Tara has a ventriloquist smile on her face trying to relax.

Tara: I’m really glad I came now, if only my body would listen to me

Robert: You’ll be right, just have another drink and your any thoughts of competitor analysis will disappear.

Tara: Hey Robert at least you’re dream came true, they’re serving sushi

Robert: Awesome, got the sushi and got the girl!

Tara: (laughs heartily) this is worth the break


Daisy comes from the right of the stage with a guy holding hands. Tara and Robert are looking in surprise.

Robert: Hey that wasn’t the same guy she was with in the library

Tara: Yep, that’s my sister. She is definitely going to live longer than me