Sunday, January 16, 2011

Freak of Nature (written August 2006)

I’m covered in black. They wear the rainbow

They concoct the stories. I’m the inspiration

My fists give them bruises. Their nails give me scars

Their iPods play pop. My iPod plays punk

I fall for anti-sell-outs. They fall for girly boy bands

They agree with authority. I’m fully against it

I speak my mind. Their mouths stay shut

They fear the state of dirt. I play in the mud

I see the apocalypse. They see a utopia

Their dads make money. My dad makes drugs

My mum lives with God. Their mums live in country clubs

I don’t care for latest trends. They don’t care for last years taste

They’re desperate for acceptance. I’m desperate for minority

I’m a survivor of moshpits. They won’t stand a chance

They cheer for their boyfriends. I refuse to join in the “fun”

I go to school in stages. They use the school as a stage

Their cats prance through grass. My dog eats them alive

I strum my guitar. They scream like groupies

They’re the teacher’s pets. I’m the teacher’s nightmare

I’ll only eat from the garden. They’ll only eat fewer calories

They collect high heels. I collect ticket stumps

I indulge in BLUNT. They indulge in Dolly

They’re still under the limit. I get wasted easily

I devise plenty of insults. They’re running low on ideas

They like to hold peep shows. I never reveal any flesh

I’m hooked on Skins. They’re hooked on Project Runway

They travel by Porsche. I travel by skateboard

I’m waiting for the right one. They waiting for the right quality

They keep a torch by their beds. I’m not afraid of the dark

They’ll strut on the catwalk. I’ll rock out on stage

To me, they’re two-faced bitches. To them, I’m a freak of nature.

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