Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Short Poems

My hands seize the steering wheel
Checking the mirror, determined expression in place
As I make my way down that road that I’ve driven before
The music in my stomach begins to play
And soon I’m at crossroads again
My head says left will keep you healthy
But my heart craves for the calories on the right.
To me, the right lane is sin city.
I tell myself no, if only the message would reach my stomach
The wheels turn.
I will go left next time promise.. Not that I can promise anything to myself these days
Intervention anyone?
(December 2008)

It’s that one day
That one day during the weekend
The one where I don’t have to spend my time waiting on people for a reasonable wage,
I should be happy, which I totally am
Of course, finding something to do on that day is an issue
Track down the friends I haven’t seen in a while
See what’s going on in their lives
Abandon home and soak in the fun that we’ll have
Otherwise endure countless marathons of classic sitcoms
Stuffing my face and catching cabin fever.
Rather catch normal fever.
So here I am
whoring myself
Take me out now
Cause at my age it’s never too late…
(January 2010)

Sculling down that glass of vodka
With a hint of sweet vanilla
My taste buds want more
Expensive but worth it
Attempting to lip read the story my friend is telling me
Over the loud combination of R&B and noisy gossip
I’m at a cool bar
A low-key 21st
6 showing up, three seats available
Only half the people invited will miss out
TV screens on the wall
Broadcasting sports grabbing mostly male attention
Cheering for their teams
One standing out showing midget wrestling
that caught my eye in fascination
like vampires talking in southern accents
But not as much as the headlining act on the dance floor
The Kochie lookalike tool
grinding his lady friend
Thinking he’s cool
With his prehistoric dance moves
Made this night memorable.
(March 2010)

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