Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lady Gaga on Adele's Weight.

Disclaimer: I do not own Lady Gaga. I am a fan of her and I am aware that the image below is a fake and has been photoshopped. I am just using it to jumpstart my rant.

A friend of mine posted this picture up on her Facebook. 

 Adele is beautiful no matter what size she is and she is an fantastic singer (her voice is stuck in my head) and the video for Rolling in the Deep is really good. Showing that not all recording artists need to dance and wear crazy costumes in all their videos in order to become successful in their careers. Sure sex sells but that doesn't mean that all great singers and bands have to apply themselves to it. Plus there are alot of female artists like Adele who are big and have amazing voices. Just ask these singers.

Aretha Franklin

Beth Ditto (The Gossip)

Jennifer Hudson

Ann Wilson (Heart)

So there you go.

And now I will end this post with a song worshipping big girls like Adele and the singers listed above.


  1. Replies
    1. this image is fake..gaga is friend with adele and gaga will never say things like this.

  2. The fact is that Adele has enough talent to just do her thing and have an audience in awe, whereas Lady Gaga needs all the razzle-dazzle to keep her fans entertained. Adele is a wonderful singer, far better than Lady Gaga by lightyears... Gaga just needs to check her ego, because she's not all that great.

    1. First this is fake A HOLE and 2nd it's not razzle dazzle you fag ITS ART CREATIVITY PASSION LOVE FASHION and CULTURE. Lady Gaga's Voice and Adele's voice are both Amazing with Adele having a low longer raising voice and Gaga having a HEAVY High voice reaching VARIOUS notes

    2. lol, nope. Actually adele reached higher notes in set fire to the rain than any of lady gaga songs.

  3. Too bad the quote is fake. The person who made it to post on Tumblr just to get notes admitted it was fake. Just because you see a quote on the internet, doesn't make it real.