Monday, February 14, 2011

Pear (February 2011)

To big,
To small.
Doesn't fit at all.
Its frustrating.

How something beautiful on display can look so wrong.
No matter what shape and size you are.

They may not have the size you prefer,
So you try again with something different.
Same results apply.

Time flies as you're trying on so many clothes that  you eventually lose count,
Knowing that everything so far has failed the test.

Like a quest for the perfect dress.

A pear can have its disadvantages. 
But every shape has them too and we wear them like a birthmark.

So where are all the pear-shaped boutiques? I ask...

Its the same old dilemma,
Like a  recurring scene in a nightmare.
A milestone birthday and no dress for the pear.

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