Sunday, February 20, 2011

Music: The Strokes - Under Cover Of Darkness

After months and months of waiting, I finally get to hear the new single from The Strokes. So glad that they're back with a song that sounds a lot  like their first album Is this it? which, by the way, was what  made me fall in love with The Strokes in the first place, (I should also thank my mum for introducing me to them). Anyway, I now know what to spend my JB Hi-Fi voucher on. Bring on March 18th!!!!!

Slip back out of whack at your best
It's a nightmare
So I'm joining the army

Know how folks back out, I still call
Will you hate for me now?

We got the rightous advice to use it
Got everything but you can just choose it
I won't tie me a puppet on a string

Don't go that way
I'll wait for you

And I'm tired of all your friends
They're still at your door
And I won't, I better call you

So long my friend and adversary
But I will call you

Get dressed jump out of bed and do it best
Are you ok?
I've been out around this town
Everybody's been singing the same song ten years

I'll wait for you
Will you wait for me too?

And they sacrifice their lives
In our land are all closed eyes
I've been saying we're beaten down, I won't say it again

Before long, my end
The sorry embrace

Don't go that way
I'll wait for you

I'm tired of all your friends
Knocking down your door
Get up in the morning, give it your all
So long my friend and adversary 

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