Wednesday, April 13, 2011

iTunes Gone random #2

Well, I just watched the first episode of 'Happy Endings' mentioned in the previous post and I have to say it is really enjoyable. Hilarious jokes and great characters. You can watch it on this link 

Or you can go to, whatever you choose.

Anyway here is the second lot to iTunes Gone Random:

1. Children Collide - Inventions
2. Mayday Parade - When I Get Home You're so Dead
3. Fountains of Wayne - Hey Julie
4. Katy Perry - E.T (two weeks til her concert. Can't Wait!!!)
5. Young the Giant - Apartment
6. The Distillers - City of Angels
7. Kate Miller-Heidke - Space they Cannot Touch (such a beautiful song)
8. Bright Eyes - Hailie Selaisse
9. Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon
10.  Joshua Radin - I'd Rather Be With You

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