Monday, September 5, 2011

Ivy and the Missing iPod (September 2009)

Another short vignette that I wrote for a portfolio for my Children's Text's class. Enjoy!!

Meet Ivy, a normal seventeen-year-old girl. Ivy loves music. She loves music so much that she has a huge collection of her favourite songs on her beloved iPod, which she never goes anywhere without it. When people see Ivy walking to school or on the bus she always has those white earphones on, particularly to block out the disturbance from noisy commuters and crying babies, which is a big pet peeve for her. And it’s not just when she’s out. At home whenever her parents are in an argument with each other late at night she plugs on her iPod and cranks up the volume loud enough to minimise the yelling but not loud enough that it causes permanent damage to her ear drums. To Ivy, putting on those earphones was like a loophole to escape from reality and be in her own world.

One day Ivy had planned to meet up with a friend of hers at the local shopping centre to help her friend find a dress for a party that shes going to. So she spent the morning getting ready to go and take the bus there. Ivy had just finished checking to see if she had gotten all the essentials needed in her handbag and was about to go when she noticed that something was missing. Yep you guessed it, it was her iPod. Ivy’s eyes widened as she looked in her handbag in shock. Her iPod was usually in her bag most of the time, she would never had put it somewhere else let alone misplaced it. Ivy looked at the clock. She had half and hour left and she had to find that iPod now. Ivy started her iPod search in her room. Unfortunately it was pretty messy and its hard to find what you want in a messy room. Ivy completely raided her room. She searched through the drawers in her night stand, every pocket of her pairs of jeans and coats, checked the top of her desk and in the millions of other bags that she owns. But ther was no iPod and her room was more messier than before.

Ivy then decided to check her brother’s room. He sometimes ‘borrows’ her iPod to get some songs. Ivy didn’t really want to set foot in there coz her brother’s room is beyond grotesque but it was a risk she was willing to take. Ivy held her breath and walked in. The room reeked of body odour and the floor was completely hidden by the dirty laundry. She did a swift search of his room but her iPod wasn’t there. She quickly ran out of his room and into her room and sprayed perfume all over her to disinfect herself. Ivy then went and searched the living room, the study, in cupboards, drawers, cabinets, inside and underneath couches. Unfortunately ther was no luck.

Ivy slumped into the couch in defeat. Her iPod was gone and she only had five minutes left to catch the bus. ‘Oh well’ thought Ivy ‘I may as well go without it’. She grabbed her handbag and headed out the door to the bus stop. It didn’t feel the same without hearing the music in her ears. It sounded like nothing. Soon the bus came and Ivy paid her fare and took a seat. There weren’t many people but to Ivy’s surprise it wasn’t too noisy. Had it always been like this or was she imagining it?

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